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If this is your first time, you can choose from 3 different webmail applications after logging in. After you find one you like, you can enable auto-load by clicking the link beneath the your favorite webmail application.

If you use Horde Webmail and want it to load your inbox after logging in (instead of having to click the Mail link) then check out these instructions.

Time zone note: the new version of Horde Webmail may require setting your own time zone (otherwise it is in UTC). Simply login and click the gear icon next to notes, then click Global Preferences and look for Locale and Time where you can set your own time zone and click save.

Webmail Folders Note: To get Folders to appear in Roundcube and SquirrelMail: First Select SquirrelMail to login to at the webmail entrance, then click “Folders,” scroll down and select each of your old Folders and click “Subscribe” — then click “Refresh Folder List” and the folders will appear on the left in both Roundcube and SquirrelMail.

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